Video: Abused puppy getting better: MyFoxTAMPABAY.com

Lotus is surving…perhaps even flourishing.  Her story is as heartbreaking as Patrick’s…maybe even a little more heartbreaking.  Because the despicable “non”-human being that tied her to a wooden log and floated her down the canal had not only neglect, stupidity, and selfishness involved…but they also had a sick mind to take the time to find the collar, and the lock, and the electrical cord, and the hardware to secure it to the log.  Oh yeah…they had to find the log.  So their actions were solely intended to delay this puppies death until she floated down the canal and died from either starvation or became a snack for a hungry gator.

It still amazes me how these tortured souls can so quickly recover and show such love to their new care-givers.  We pat ourselves on the back for giving these dogs a second chance…the amazing thing to me is that they give “us” a second chance.

I hope Lotus continues to flourish just like the flower she was named after.


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