I was initially going to write this post about how NYC could continue to get large donations and funding on the premise that they will build more shelters so they can become a no-kill operation.  They continue to receive donations and funding…however…no new shelters are added. 

But after watching the video…I was touched beyond belief by the group of compassionate people that visit the animals who have been put on the “kill list” for the next day.  They take the time to walk them…hug them…play with them…and give them their very own toy.

I don’t think I could ever do that…I wish I could…their last look would haunt me forever…knowing I was leaving them to a fate few could imagine…dying because nobody wants them.

I hide behind my keyboard and talk about things…sometimes ranting…sometimes emotional…but I could never ever do that…

And a last rant to Whoopi Goldberg…this is why you don’t buy from pet shops or breeders.  This is why your off the cuff comment about “you don’t know what you get at a shelter” infuriated so many of us…this is why you should stick to the script…and not rely on your own thoughts…


3 Responses

  1. I can’t bring myself to watch the video, and I cannot imagine taking care of a dog on his last days. That is some DEEP compassion. Paw prayers for all they do.

  2. The only thing that is going to end this is MANDATORY SPAY AND NEUTURE AND BAN FUCKING BREEDING. Only in the life after this miserable place called earth will there be a fucking reckoning. I don’t know how to help or fix IGNORANCE. I take solace knowing i will be @ RAINBOW BRIDGE with all these amazing creatures. Scew the human race. DOGS HAVE SOUL!!!!!

  3. I am not surprised at all by the piece of shit Whoopi Goldbergs comments considering she also supported Michael Vick. She is useless and worthless. Sandi you cannot be more right either.

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