This is something the likes of Michael Vick would do.  I’d bet big money that Travis (his new name) was a bait dog and escaped from his captors….captors like Michael Vick.  You know the kind…the kind that enjoys bringing horrific pain to our devoted companions….because they can.

Here is the story…Travis, a beautiful soulful Pit Bull was found wandering the streets of of Gulfport MS on May 4th.  The police released photo’s of what appears to be a child restraint strap inserted into the dogs hindlegs…through the bone.

Travis also has scratches to his face, legs and belly.  Once again…because soulless creatures like Vick chose to use Travis as a bait dog.  It’s much easier to have your bait dog attached to something that doesn’t allow him to protect himself…or even run away. 

Travis is being cared for by the Humane Society in Gulfport and they are offering a $2500 reward. 

You can donate to Travis’s vet care on his new Facebook page:


Also..if you have any information please contact the following:

If you have any information that could help investigators, please call the Gulfport Police Department Animal Control Division at (228) 868-5959.

Oh yeah….check the whereabouts of Michael Vick…since the NFL is still in the middle of a lockout…Vick “may” be looking for something to do again.


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