Sometimes a puppy is just what a Soldier  needs to survive long months at War and away from home.  We’ve heard the stories…a US Soldier befriends a stranded dog or puppy… and finds an instant connection.  Sometimes these companions are rescued from heartless Afghans or Iraqi‘s…they barter for them with rations or money.   Many times the Soldier and the dog become inseperable..with the canine companion anxiously awaiting for their Soldier to come back from each mission.  Hopelessly devoted to their rescuer.

But then the day comes when it’s time to leave.  It’s time for the weary Soldier to go home…and many times he is forced to leave the only thing that has showed him any warmth during his long deployment.  It’s not easy not knowing what is to become of your best friend after you leave…the Soldier hopes the next Soldier will take care of the one left behind…but he can’t be sure.  So…he leaves…feeling like he’s left a comrade behind.  And he has….

But not this time…

“She was a stray and in bad shape, maybe 10-15 pounds. She had been in a couple of fights and was all scarred up,” said Captain Matt Taylor.  When Captain Taylor’s deployment was up he decided he wasn’t leaving his pup behind and began setting the wheels in motion.   When a Marine decides he’s going to do something…he does it.  

With the help of his Marine comrades, he set up a website asking for help and donations.   That’s not all, he also received help from Lebanon Middle School in Indiana (his home town-yep he’s a Hoosier).  They were able to help $1.00 at a time. 

If Captain Taylor would have tried to accomplish this by himself…I’m sure it would have been next to impossible.  But individual efforts from hundreds of people made it a reality.  That’s the beauty of the starfish story…we can’t save every puppy left behind in a war torn country.  But every once in awhile we get to help one….

It’s a beautiful story with a happy ending…


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