It’s another horrific case of animal abuse.  A dog was shot 40 times with a pellet gun in the face and then buried alive up to his nose.  The most sickening part of this story is the fact this POS buried the dog only far enough to pro-long his death.  The abuser wanted to continue to inflict suffering long after the POS walked away.

It is unclear why the police officers were in the area, but when they heard whimpering under a plank board they investigated…and found Star (named by his rescuers) buried up to his nose.

After digging him out of the ground they also discovered all four of his legs were bound together.

Doctors removed over 40 pellets from Star’s face… and believe it or not Star is recovering quite well.

The case has outraged citizens in Malta where he was discovered, and they are now pushing for reform.  Animal abuse in Malta is a maximum 1 year jail sentence with a fine of 46,500 euros.

A symbolic protest will be held June 5th in Malta, and Star has received thousands of requests for adoption.  I love it when humanity overcomes evil and this is as evil as they come…

But…sometimes I just give up…

The video below is dedicated to Star…


7 Responses

  1. This is TERRIBLE! Please stop animal cruelty!

  2. The level of cruelty in this case beggers belief. Words fail me.

  3. lets do that to that SCUMB BAG!!!!!

  4. A pellet gun? I’d shoot that son of a bitch with my .45, tie is limbs together and bury him near a massive ant pile while I kick it. Christ I hate people…

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