“To serve and protect”  That’s the motto of our men and women in police uniform.  And most of the time they do it well…However, sometimes they miss the mark.  And they missed the mark big time on this one…

Of course as of right now the allegations have not been proven and is currently under investigation by the Loudon County Sheriff’s Department.

Here is the unfortunate story…

In Sterling VA, Stu Grimes attended a party and arrived at the local IHOP for a late night breakfast before heading home.  He wasn’t there disturbing the peace or being a loud nuisance, he fell asleep at the breakfast table.  And no…that’s not a very good idea.  Approximately 15 minutes after falling asleep the Manager phoned the police and the young man was arrested for public intoxication

That was at 5:15 in the morning.  Stu pleaded with Officer Casey L. Johnson to get his beloved companion Rex from the car.  The officer replied “Don’t worry about it.”  So… the question becomes was the officer required to help Rex?  It certainly wasn’t his decision that put Rex’s life in jeopardy at the time.  He wasn’t the one out partying and falling asleep at the local IHOP…But…is that really the point?  Of course the officer’s actions didn’t put Rex in the car…but his actions…or should I say lack of action participated in Rex’s death. 

According to Stu, he continued pleading on deaf ears at the county jail where guards and officers ridiculed him for trying to get Rex help. 

Later that night Stu was released from jail…temperatures reached 100 degrees that day…and he found Rex in a heap on the floor behind the drivers seat.  Stu rushed Rex to the Vet but it was too late…his worst fears had come true…Rex suffered and died in temperatures far exceeding 100 degrees in a car parked at the local IHOP, where people came and went all day eating pancakes.

Nobody helped Rex that day…not the staff at IHOP…not customers coming and going…and not the Police.  After all…it was “just a dog.”

It was just a faithful companion that Stu had raised since he had been four weeks old…who slept at the foot of his bed every night…and had never been apart for more than a week.

Does Stu bear some responsibility?  Absolutely…but he begged for somebody to get his dog…he was prepared to pay his bail and do what he needed to do to right his wrong…all he needed was for somebody to get his dog.


11 Responses

  1. omg. this is so sad. i can’t think of a more horrible sitation. Tragic all the way around- from drink driving to neglect to innocence paying the price. deeply disturbed by this.

  2. sounds like it became someone else’s problem for everyone. the police should have taken responsibility as being arrested was out of the man’s control

  3. Stopping by on the blog hop today – check out my video about the tornadoes that hit the south. I volunteer at the Etowah Valley Humane Society and we have 5 dogs that were left homeless – Hoss, Heidi, Dozer and Goldie & Marley. They all need homes…


    Thanks for sharing this sad story – and it’s a warning not to take your dogs along with you!

  4. Drunk or not, the lazy police could have checked his story. No-one heard this poor dog barking while he could, or whimpering? All of the traffic around that restaurant and no-one to help. Why did the idiot have him at the party in the first place? Then he goes in to eat? No food for the dog? Innocent little sould had no-one to help him. Shame on those cops.

  5. Those officer’s need to have their badges thrown in the trash! There will be and has to be Justice for REX!

  6. People in my state people have been arrested for mistreating animals. Since the police knew the situation they are responsible.

  7. I would be devisated if this was my dog.Why would all those people there leave that dog in the heat in a hot car.They must be inhuman with no emotion.Not one person had enough sense to break the window and get the dog out of there.Ignorant,stupid idoits.What if it was a baby.The dog is as helpless as a baby.You all didn’t give a damn.I never seen such stupid selfish people in my life

  8. This is a case of animal abuse. If the guy told the police officers about his dog and they did nothing, then they are responsible. Those officers should lose their jobs, and that guy should sue the police department and IHOP since they were responsible for calling the police. What if this had been a child? Would they have checked the car then? As soon as I read this story, I started to cry.

  9. Not being under the influence of anything and being made aware of the situation, they were very responsible.

  10. There’s a “Justice for Rex” facebook page and a CARE2 thing also.

  11. Did anyone consider that Deputy Johnson might be a straight up officer and the guy that passed out at IHOP forgot about his dog because he was drunk? Or is it just too easy to target a cop?

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