The picture of the dog buried up to her snout will always haunt me…the 40 pellets embedded in her face will always haunt me…the way Star (named by rescuers) was bound by all four legs will always haunt me…

I thought Star was going to be another miracle story…like Patrick.  But unfortunately…one day after a national protest in Malta, Star gave way to her injuries. 

 After surviving such horrific abuses, it was discovered that Star suffered from acute inflammation of the pancreas.  She started throwing up within hours after spending time in her new forever home and returned to the welfare center where she soon died.

Even after Star was rescued…she gave nothing but affection to her rescuers…never holding them accountable for the abuses she suffered at the hands of others…wagging her tail and offering thanks..

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3 Responses

  1. Simply heart breaking. The worst of the worst abuse and yet this sweet, perfect soul could still offer love. She gave more than she got.

  2. Humans are the lowest species on Earth.

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