On June 9th, a call was made to the St. Francis County Sheriff’s Department.  The call reported that a dog was being abused…it was an anonymous call…this person didn’t want to be identified…but thank GOD the call was made.

Because when the police department arrived with the Area Humane Society…what they found was truly horrific.  What they found tethered in te back yard in Colt, AZ was a nine month old terrier mix burned over most of his body…out in the 95 degree heat…with no shelter…food…or water.  The burns extended across his back, neck and head. 

A police officer gave Phoenix some water and he immediately regurgitated it into a hole he dug, and proceeded to cover it with debri…so he could save it for later…obviously reacting to the lack of any human kindness or comforts.  He was prepared to do anything to survive. 

Phoenix was carefully crated and transported to a local veterinarian where he is expected to make a complete recovery…physically.  Can a dog like this survive emotionally after abuses like this?  They certainly have before…they continue to believe in us…they believe we will eventually get it…and finally give them the kind of loyalty they so freely give us.

Please urge Attorney Chris Morledge the prosecuting attorney to seek the fullest sentence given by law by signing the petition below.  Let him hear our voices loud and clear…we want justice for those who cannot seek it themselves….

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