Ok…I really really  try to forget about Michael Vick.  I try to focus on other things…anything is better than him.  But he’s at it again. Or should I say “others” are at it because they are the ones giving him a voice and an opportunity to capitalize on his “new” stardom.  Before… he was looked upon as a multi-talented lazy choker football player that could never win the big games.  Now he is redeemed AND talented… and therefore we must give him every opportunity to capitalize on his dog-killer/football player stardom. 

Dog-killer Vick is scheduled to appear at Butler Sports Cards in Butler New Jersey on June 19th.

  Oh…and it gets better…he is charging $90 for each autograph.   Perhaps he will start his autograph session with a speech about Animal Rights, since “Animal Rights Awareness week” starts the very same day.  Perhaps he will talk about how dog killing almost ruined his career, but thankfully most NFL fans are shallow enough not to care about the dozens or maybe even hundreds of dogs he personally tortured and killed over the past decades…inbetween his choke-filled football career.  Thankfully they look upon him as some type of hero because his new Public Relations Manager came up with the brillant idea of speaking once a month to a bunch of kids… and pretending he really does care about the dogs he killed. 

Well played Mr. Dick…well played. 
Of course he could donate ALL of his proceeds to some worthy Animal Rights Organization.   Ummmm….yeah….and pigs fly.

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  1. why dont you get a life and worry about your job and your familly and not about what someone else is doing with thiers..dont get me wrong i have a 3 year old chocolate lab who i love to death but im not going to waist my time trashing a guy for what wrongs he did cause at the end of the day nobody gives a shit its been 2 years and im tired of hearing about and can you honeslty say you’ve never done anyting wrong in your life

    • Ok buddy…why don’t you take your chocolate lab the next time he doesn’t behave in the proper manner, wrap a noose around his neck and hang him from the nearest tree…and then if that doesn’t kill him…cut him down and drown him. And then buy another chocolate lab…and when that dog doesn’t “perform” properly…shoot him or maybe just slam him to cement ground until you kill him…and then buy another one. That’s what dog killer Vick did…he did it for decades…and continued until he was caught. If dog fighting was legalized tomorrow he would do it again. He didn’t stop dog fighting because he had a change of heart…he stopped because it “cost” him too much when he was caught. And yes…somebody does give a shit…I do…and I will continue to give a shit until people quit “idolizing” him for “pretending” to be redeemed. There is a huge difference between doing “something” wrong….which I have…and having a severe moral and character flaw by behaving a certain way for decades because of it’s “entertainment” value. Vick the dick “enjoyed” killing dogs….that’s the difference. So…at the end of the day if you are “tired” of hearing about it…then stay the hell off of my blog.

      • Oh, yes, that’s the way to tell it like it is! Chocolate labs will be forever in my prayers that they are NOT unfortunate enough to be owned by such an idiot!

  2. o and one more thing its not him charging for the signature its the store

    • charles dion quite obviously is a fan of Vick’s and that’s his right.

      Animal lovers and anyone that hates what Vick did to the poor dogs he tortured and killed have the right to never forget what he did and what he really is outside of football.

      In my eyes, Vick will always be a thug and animal killer and I for one hate that he’s allowed to breathe and walk among civilized humans.

      charles dion—you should read the book “The Lost Dogs”…the story of the Michael Vick’s dogs…you might change your mind…

    • Yes…I’m sure Vick doesn’t get any of that money….and pigs fly

  3. Vick reportedly got 20K for the signing. The store owner made even more. I don’t believe any of it was donated to any animal/dog related charity.

    thank you for telling it like it is. i was there protesting.

  4. I think Michael Vick should have killed all the pit bulls he possibly could after witnessing a 3 year old girl get her face damn near bit off by one this past weekend…

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