Jerzon Senador is a teenager from the Phllipines…he is also a raving idiot.  He was stupid and evil enough to post a picture on his Facebook page of his puppy hanging from a clothes line to dry after a bath.

The stupid moronic teen attributed this Michael Vick like behavior to being bored.  He also boasted that he “couldn’t” get into trouble just for bathing his dog…And I would like to state I “should” not get into trouble for wanting to have the “crap” beaten out of a moronic teenager for not finding something better to do…such as doing homework or doing whatever “normal” teens do in the Philippines

The good news is he received an immediate and fierce backlash from animal lovers and “friends” of the moronic idiot teen.  Animal rights groups also became involved and contacted various news organizations.  It made national news and the teen quickly removed the pictures.  But…as they say…once you post something on the net…it really never goes away.  The moronic teen also posted the following apology…‘To all animal lovers and to people all over the world please read this…

“I would like to ask forgiveness for what I have done to my dog. I hope you can forgive me and I promise it will never happen again.”

Not everybody is ready to forgive the moronic idiot teenager including some fraternity brothers who also posted on his Facebook page the following:

‘Forgive? Never,’ wrote Melvin John Girado.

PETA has also become involved, and hopes prosecutors will prosecute the idiot moronic teen for being so stupid and inhumane.

Is the backlash to harsh for a moronic idiot teen that just couldn’t find anything better that particular day than to hang his puppy out to dry?  Nope….Nope….not at all.



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  1. Take that pup away from him – please. He has shown what kind of life this dog will have. He just won’t post the pics of what he does to it next time.

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