Yesterday an appeals court once again turned down AHS’s (Associated Humane Societies) request to regain “custody” of Patrick.  If AHS regained custody he would have been sent to their Forked River Shelter next to Popcorn Park Zoo.  An employee of GSVS (Garden State veterinarian Specialists) wants desperately to adopt Patrick and place him in his forever home.

The courts have decided that Patrick must stay at GSVS until the case against his abuser is finished.  AHS claims they should regain custody because they “own” him, while the city of Newark claims they only have a contract with AHS and does not surrender ownership of Patrick to them.

Twice now AHS  has tried to gain custody through the courts and have been rejected.  Is their motives sincere and in the best interest of Patrick?  I hardly think so…they claim that Patrick is in need of psychological reconditioning  after sending an animal behaviorist to assess Patrick.  I am quite certain Patrick will need reconditioning after suffering near starvation and neglect…however, I’m not sure AHS is anymore equipped to deal with Patrick’s issues than GSVS is.  Patrick’s healing will take time…and perhaps the Dog Whisperer.

Let’s look at the truth here…they want his donations…within days after Patrick’s story broke GSVS received over $30,000 in donations.  GSVS did ask that donations no longer be sent to them and instead sent to AHS…but I guess that isn’t good enough.

This is about good ole fashioned greed…


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