The story of Nako is heartbreaking…but what an ending…

Nako was abandoned during another harsh Nebraska winter.  His family was facing foreclosure and instead of taking Nako and his siblings with them…they decided it was much more convenient to leave them behind…What a family.  I hope they ended up homeless living in a rat infested pick up truck.

The pup’s mother died at some point…and I’m not clear if she died after the family abandoned them or before.  But the siblings remained and fended for themselves.  Living in the basement of the abandoned house, Nako inadvertently stepped into an icy puddle and his paws froze.  It’s just one more thing the family neglected to do…turning the water off and blowing the pipes in order to prevent the pipes from breaking and creating an even more threatening environment for the dogs.

At five weeks old the litter pups were rescued and taken to a local veterinarian where Nako’s paws became nothing more than nubs after healing.  The only way for him to move around was by crawling along on his belly.  Nako was adopted by a technician who was looking for a playmate for her own dog.

Christie Tomlinson decided Nako needed prosthetic paws for his back legs and organized a fundraiser.   After receiving enough donations he was fitted with his new paws…and they worked beautifully.  So beautifully, she decided he needed two more.

And here is Nako….

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  1. This is a fanatastic story of both hope, humanity and love and puts my faith back into man for helping his best friend. As for the family that dumped those animals and left them to starve to death and freeze I sincerely hope that you suffer the same pain and anguish that you have caused to another soul on this Earth. You reap what you sow you pieces of trash!!!

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