I want this man to run for President…I want him to become the next Reality TV Star so I can listen to him over and over again…he reaps with sarcasm and in your face accusations…and he does it with style and intelligence…and it pisses the Director of the Animal Care and Control of NYC off.

Here’s the story:

Recently the Board of Directors prohibited the use pictures of dogs on death row to be posted on Facebook.  Acutally…they just decided to prohibit pictures of death row inmates to be promoted in anyway…because they would need to answer their phones and do their jobs. 

The ACC reports that 40,000 animals a year are rescued.  However, many who “try” and work with the ACC report their refusal to work with rescue groups or potential adopters.  One recent example is Sammy the lab mix who actually had a potential adopter trying desperately to contact the ACC to arrange the adoption.  She was unable to get anybody to answer the phone and Sammy was needlessly euthanized.  Could that have been “one” of a “few” oversights?  Yeah…sure…but somethinig stinks in the big apple, because this continues to happen on a regular basis.

It is far easier for the ACC to just “hold” the animals for their allotted time and then euthanize them…it cost them time and money to actually do paperwork for adoptions and answer phones.  It’s the bottom dollar…it’s the “I want my six figure income and bonuses to continue”…and these damn potential adoptions eat away at my bottom line.

So…here comes the Wall Street guy attending a board meeting among an all female crowd.  He attends in his purdy wall street suit and rips the Board a new one…I mean…it’s freakin priceless.

Watch and see for yourselves…it’s pure freakin poetry.


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  1. I now love this man as well! Thank you for sharing this information.


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