It’s another Patrick…it’s sickening….and so unbelievably unnecessary. 

Ava was found in York County last Monday evening…dumped in a park…and left for dead.  Her emaciated state is identical to Patrick’s…and so is the look of hope and sadness.  Hopeful that she will survive…but not expecting any act of kindness.  That’s not what these dogs know, they are only familiar with neglect and abuse.  

The amazing thing is when acts of kindness are bestowed upon them…they seem to rally…the look of sadness and despair are replaced with gratitude and  a renewed “will” to survive.

“She has very telling eyes,” the Executive Director of York County’s SPCA  (Melissa Smith) said on Wednesday. “Yesterday I saw fear and anguish, but today I saw a little glimmer of hope — and of recognition. There was a tail wag, and she was as happy to see us today as we were to see her.”

“More people should have cared about her. All of us have a responsibility to do the right thing when it comes to a situation like this,” Melissa Smith said. “It’s rare when this happens that no one knows it’s happening. … People knew this dog was starving.”

She is absolutely right…how can people so easily walk past a tethered starving dog in a hallway (like Patrick) or watch this dog suffer right before their very eyes?  It’s not “convenient” to become involved.  We might need to actually take action and we don’t have the time.  It might involve picking up a phone and dialing a number the old fashioned way…by looking it up and actually using the key pad instead of speed dial.  There’s extra steps involved and that won’t work for us because we are a society of apathy and laziness.  There may have been only a few people aware of what was going on but it doesn’t matter…they should have picked up the damn phone.  Hence…the post title “When people suck.”

There is still hope that Ava will survive, although it is uncertain whether her starvation has affected her organs. 

“This dog was so near death and, honestly, she still is,” Smith said. “(Tuesday) night, I was really worried about her. She was just so listless. … But (Wednesday) morning, she was sitting up, bright and alert, wagging her tail and happy to see us. … So today is a hopeful day.”

We can only hope and pray that Ava will become another Patrick…that her story will resonate with us the way his has and that just might bring enough good karma her way to help her win her fight…

oh yeah…Ava’s owner is facing “misdemeanor” charges when caught.  That might actually mean a “stern talking to” because in York County it’s not a very big deal to starve a dog to death according to the “law.”

So…if anybody has any information that may lead to the “stern talking to” please notify the SPCA.


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  1. How tragic. This person. .People…should have real consequences. I’ m quite certain ghere are many guys in jail willing to give just punishment to dog abusers. Let ’em at ‘ em!!

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