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Three teens have been accused of shooting over 100 cats a few dogs, and a deer.  Don’t these idiots know how to play sports, or maybe an instrument for their high school band?  Don’t they have anything better to do than to shoot animals? 

This is what teens do when they have heroes such as “Michael Vick”  or when their parents let them stay out after the street lights are on… and they aren’t held accountable for their actions.

Mitchell Kangas, 16, Jaren Koistinen, 16, and Riley Munger, 17, appeared before Clark County Superior Court Judge Rich Melnick to waive the speedy filing of charges.  Or as I like to call them….”moronic soulless idiot teenagers that will probably grow up to be another Charles Manson.”  Get ready parents…your kids are going to be on “America’s Most Wanted” someday or worse… “Maury.”

The three teens were arrested June 5 in Northern Clark County Washington.  A resident called police after discovering her cat had been shot in the face.  Fortunately, she was able to identify the shooters as well as the vehicle they used for their shooting spree.  I’m sure the next stop was a shooting spree at their local bank.  Because that’s their mentality. 

When the “armed assailants” were stopped by police, they discovered  22 caliber rifles along with several hundred pounds of ammunition.  Here’s the amazing part…the teens had “supporters” with them in court.  Who the hell would be their supporters?  Dick Cheney?…the NRA?…Ok…ok…I’m kidding….about the NRA.

Here is the good news…Prosecutors have delayed the arraignment for July 26, because they may decide to prosecute them as adults in a drive by shooting.  That carries a much more significant penalty than an animal cruelty case.

In the meantime…I’m trying to find them on Facebook so I can stalk them.  If I can’t find them there I’m sure I can find them on the “Michael Vick fan club” website.


8 Responses

  1. You people are quite obviously retarded… These are cats… Dogs… And deer. So now we should put these boys in prison because they shot some animals that, according to most people in Battle Ground, are pests and a problem? The dipshit that wrote this article calls these boys soulless… Presumably he also believes that animals have a soul as well. His mindset it obviously that skewed where he believes some strange things. Next time I see a hunter in the field with a gun preparing to shoot ANIMALS… I’m going to call the police and start a campaign against them. The kids don’t play sports because it’s against their religion, as well as band, etc… As for you, writer: You probably should keep your identity secret. Some people just don’t let that kind of talk fly when it comes to their people. Have a great day! 🙂

    • It sounds like you are as big of a moron as the idiots that chose to carelessly shoot and kill people’s pets. Since they were finally apprehended because one of the pet’s owners calld the police about the idiot morons. It sounds like you will be on the “Maury Show” with these idiots…make sure you get your tooth brushed so you will look nice and purdy. As for not knowing my identity….you probably couldn’t read a map to find me so I’m not too concerned…remind me never to stop in Battle Ground…since I’ve already seen the movie “Deliverance” and don’t need to experience it first hand…

  2. Actually Jacob, you’re probably the one that should keep your identity secret. The Internet doesn’t tend to tolerate people that defend the killing of cats and dogs, much less the killing of hundreds of them, very well.

  3. Good article Tcastle! And, great response to the moron Jacob. No doubt he & his psycho friends deserve each other. It’s almost as if these kids are members of a sick cult that has them brainwashed to believe that killing defenseless animals is normal. The bottom line is they are pure evil and as you said a danger to society. I’m hopeful that they will be prosecuted as adults, convicted and thrown in jail for many years to come. In fact, I’m going to start a letter writing campaign to local officials TODAY stating that we want the perps to suffer!

  4. they are children. 16 years old. Prison is not the answer, think about your own children going to prison at 16. Kids make mistakes, big and small. Being 16 means you should often get a second chance, and even a third or a fourth.

    Counseling, yes. Check out their home life, yes. Fine them, fine their parents, give them thousands of hours of community service and probation.

    C’mon people, don’t act like maniacs and call for many years of jail time for teen agers. Your crazy is just a different flavor of crazy from people who shoot cats.

  5. plus, all of you mouth breathers calling for long jail time are probably having steak for dinner tonight. Such a crazy idea that children are confused about animals we slaughter and eat and wear, and animals that are characterized as pets and practically worshipped. Millions of animals are having their brains splattered TODAY by pneumatic hammers for your dinner/make up/shoes/Coach bag/keychain.

    wake up, your hearts are too hard and your hypocrisy is hanging out for the world to see.

  6. Good God, another one that just doesn’t get it. These kids are evil. This is NOT about making a mistake. Michael Vick didn’t make a mistake, he knowingly committed murder, like those young MEN. It’s a testosterone induced, frenzied BLOOD sport. But, hey! He plays ball good so all is forgiven, right! These are the actions of pure evil. All the therapy, fines and second chances are a waste because these ARE serial killers, wife abusers, baby beaters in the making. It’s too late for them. Their foundation is set and has already raised its ugly head. They will never GET it. If it were my kid, I would expect him to do a fair amount of prison time. But, of course if he were my kid he wouldn’t have committed such a heinous crime to begin with. He would have been raised with compassion & respect for animals. As far as the Vegetarian way of thinking goes, you are a minority extremist, which can be dangerous in it’s own right. This country is moving ever so gradually in the vegetarian direction. BUT, we will all be dead and gone before the anti meat nazi’s actually have a shot at quelling meat consumption, if ever. If people don’t begin to respect domestic cats & dogs, how the hell do you ever expect to get this country & world to NOT slaughter and eat meat? You are being totally unrealistic in your thinking. We must start by keeping our own houses in order, taking responsibility for teaching our own kids to respect animals in and around our own home, that includes NOT hunting for sport. In northern Washington all they think about is hunting and killing. Start your campaign up there and see how far you get in one life time. Good luck cuz you’re going to need it.

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