Well…I guess we know where the state of Florida stands when it comes to animal abuse charges. Evidently the state of Florida (You know the state…the state where old people go to die because the ungodly humidity in the summer months is good for their joints) would rather not waste their time or resources on such a trivial matter because they allowed Corey Baker of Okaloosa Florida, who was convicted of Animal Abuse off with a “slight” slap on the wrist. He will receive no jail time or fine for deliberately starving a dog to death by refusing him food, water, or shelter while he wasted away on a chain on the man’s property.

Here is the story:
A 34-year-old was charged with animal cruelty for neglecting to care for two dogs, one of which was found dead on a chain outside the man’s home. In December of 2010, the deputies found the dogs living in filthy conditions, with no food, water or care. Deputies scolded the man and said “no…no…you should not do this…please clean up your property and start loving your dogs.” The Deputies returned in January and much to their surprise…because they scolded him the last time …they discovered one of the dogs had been starved to death on his chain outside of the man’s home. The other dog was also discovered close to death, and has since thrived in the care of a new owner.

In March of 2010 the despicable low-life cowardly Floridian resident was charged with two counts of deprivation of animals, both “harsh” misdemeanors. The man was recently convicted of these horrific misdemeanors, and received a stiff pre-trial conversion with no jail time or fine, with the possibility of getting the charges stricken from his record if he’s a good boy, and promises not to starve anymore animals to death.

So…the moral of the story is the state of Florida is more concerned about their tourism and elderly residents, than they are the protection of those who cannot help themselves…as they sit in squalor and chains…without food or water…their cries and whimpering being ignored by not only the low life despicable human being…but also his low life despicable neighbors…and the despicable state of Florida

So…if you would like to inform the despicable state of Florida that you are as outraged as I am regarding their lack of effort in this case…please contact the following despicable Floridian judicial officials:

PLEASE Contact Prosecutor to Express Outrage:
Assistant State Attorney Ginger Madden (AKA: I don’t got time for this shit)
850-651-7260 ~ FAX 850-651-7337
Judge Patricia Grinsted (AKA: I don’t give a shit about them dogs)
Phone: 850-609-4700
Fax : 850-651-7278
Defendant Corey Baker – Case # 2011 MM 000571 S


2 Responses

  1. How very sad for the dogs. I can’t imagine a judge not ordering a fine if not jail time. No way would I care to live in a state that has no protection for animals.

  2. You need to go to County Judges, and she will be the first one. I left a very long and very outraged message for her telling her that if this was not corrected, the protests would make the Trayvon Martin protests look like a small gathering. I’m from Florida, and I am DISGUSTED by this.

    Let’s make sure their voice mail box is completely filled up by Monday morning. !

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