Good news…Patrick is finally going to get his day in court today. Kisha Curtis will be appearing in court to defend her indictment of Fourth Degree Animal Cruelty for abandoning and starving the 1-year-old pit bull in March, by the New Jersey Grand Jury. If she is found guilty…her sentence can carry up to 18 months in jail. Quite the contrary to the recent case in Okaloosa Florida, where a man was convicted of starving his dog to death on a chain outside of his home. He received a pre-trial conversion with no jail time or fine. Let’s just say that the county of Okaloosa is the place to live if you like to torture animals right in your own back yard.
It has been rumored that Kisha (AKA Michael Vick is my hero) will plead to a lesser crime, however that has never been confirmed, and after the notoriety this case has received, I doubt the Prosecutors want any part of a plea agreement. Let’s pray the City of Newark, NJ sets the precedent for other parts of the country (are you listening Okaloosa?) and gives Kisha Curtis everything she deserves


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  1. words fail me!!!!! feel sick to the core.That poor poor dog.What an amazing job you have all done in bringing him back from the brink of sure death.What the bloody hell is wrong with people,i just dont understand it! does it make them feel big or something to treat a dog so inhumanely cruelly…. should be starved themselves and definately locked up for a very long time… Trouble is people get away with this kind of thing all the time because of the legal system.what more proof do they need of neglect,i ask you!!!!!!!! Am very angry seeing yet another dog in this state,thank god for all who nursed him back to health.A beautiful and stunning dog too! I bet the person who abused him is big and overfed as is usually the case!!! makes me sick!!!!

  2. hope he rots in hell slowley! SOB cant stand that humans are allowed to get away with these unbelievable acts on our loving animals,when the real animals are set free! Bless all of our beautiful pals XO.

  3. Are there any updates on status of case???????

    • Unfortunately…at this time we do not have any information. Her last court appearance was to be on Jan 20, however, no new information has surfaced. It has been rumored that her last court appearance was via video due to death threats. Many in the blogsphere believe the public is purposely being kept out of the loop to avoid any mass protest and demonstrations at her appearances.

  4. You need to rot in HELL…hbow could you do this to this poor dog??? You look very well fed!!!!

  5. Thank GOD..someone rescued this should never be allowed to have a child or an animal…you are a creeP…!!!!!

  6. She dsrves death threats!!!!!!

  7. Meant deserves DEATH THREATS!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. I meant to say garbage shoot!!

  10. sick bitch, throw the full force of the law at her….. evil evil person…..

  11. So many questions come to my mind like why did she get the dog in the first place, for protection maybe ?. Well that comes with a responsiblity. Was it to make a fighter out of him? Thats illegal in NJ I think. Companionship? Yeah right, She has issues. So if at the first thought of not wanting him anymore, why didn’t she give him away to anyone that would properly care for him ? If GOD feels that it was sinful for what she did to one of his creations, than I feel that the matter will be taken care of when her time ends. Even if the law of the land is lean on her. She will get her upin commins.

  12. I truly wish their was a death penalty for animal and child abusers. They are one and the same !

  13. Did anyone find out what the “Demons” sentence was?

  14. Here in Brazil, a woman that treated a dog (shi tsu, I think) till his death shocked us deeply. Well, the murder was founded dead weeks later.

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