Charges filed against 12 year old boy for pouring scalding water on dog

You know after reporting stories like these on a regular basis, I decided it was time to take a some time off. I was getting depressed knowing that we are capable of such atrocities against those that just want to love us. And I was getting angry…I mean really angry. I started to think of ways people like this should meet their fate…I fantasized…sometimes I plotted. And then…I just gave up. There were too many of them and not enough protectors…or so it seemed.

But I’m back…I’m back because pretending it is not happening…doesn’t make it go away. I’m back…because maybe by bringing it out of the shadows and consistently exposing these “monsters” for what they are might someday make a difference. I’m back because I found I still care…a lot.

So here goes…I will not stop blogging…rescuing…helping…donating…and loving the abused until I am too blind to blog, too poor to donate, too weak to rescue, and no longer here to love them.

The latest story comes from Many, Louisiana. A 12 year old boy has been charged with simple cruelty to animals after admitting he poured scalding water over the back of a stray dog found at his apartment complex last week, because he was getting into their trash. Jack Ross with the Sabine Parish Humane Society stated the six month old mixed breed pup suffered first and second degree burns over her back, neck and left hind leg. According to workers you would never know “Amazing Grace” is in severe pain. She is lovable, playful and still loves human contact. And yes…the pup was named “Amazing Grace” because she is amazing.  She is amazing for surviving such horrific torture…and for having the “grace” to forgive us.

It could be a while before she is well enough to be adopted. The humane society says they have already received several inquiries. Those interested in adopting Amazing Grace can call the Sabine Parish Humane Society at 318-256-2275.

The 12-year-old boy is charged with simple cruelty to animals. He faces a fine of up to $1,000 or 6 months in jail. His fate will be decided by a judge in the juvenile court system. Funny isn’t it…funny how you can be charged with “simple cruelty.” What does that mean? How can any act of cruelty be a simple act? I would like to give this little punk a “simple ass kicking.” Just a little simple one…


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