Kisha Curtis trial delayed….again.

article-2319588-19A04693000005DC-991_306x423It’s actually happening again…another delay. This time 29-year-old “alleged dog abuser” is asking for a delay to gather more facts for trial. There has been two years of delays and rejections of plea deals. She’s tried trial diversions and anything else that will allow her to avoid any punishment for her “alleged” crime.

It’s certainly not surprising that she is trying to out wait the prosecution, hoping they will eventually drop charges to a minor slap on the wrist. But the question is why is the judge allowing this to continue? Two years isn’t long enough to prepare her case…really?

After being previously denied for a pre-trial conversion she told a reporter “Everything happens for a reason.” She evidently had a reason for starving and discarding her dog. It reminds me of a comment Michael Vick (AKA Vick the Dick) made several years ago that he wouldn’t change a thing about his past because he wouldn’t be where he is today. Of course he has more endorsements now than he had when he was a selfish over-rated quarterback for the Falcons that flipped off his fans if they booed them, and thought torturing dogs to death was a good source of entertainment.

When will the Judge say “Enough is enough” and make her face the jury of her peers?

Time will tell….evidently she has plenty of it.


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  1. Something really fishy is going on here. Why can’t we find out what it is? Are there no animal advocates attending these hearings who can get the word out? And who is the judge who is allowing this to happen? It’s not like she’s anyone of any stature, or means anything to this world. I just hope thw prosecution keeps this alive. I never heard of anything like this before. Justice must be served for Patrick..

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