Worst case of animal abuse seen in Louisville-but Frodo lives


Last Tuesday a young Pit Bull was found with his mouth duct taped shut and severe wounds, tied to a fence in Louisville KY.  Doesn’t really surprise any of us that follow animal rights issues…it’s an everyday occurence.  His wounds involved bites as well as wounds to his chin, face scrotum and ears. The wound to his mouth was so severe that his muzzle detached from his teeth. It’s a pretty safe bet to assume Frodo was used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring. Fortunately for Frodo, a non-profit organization called The Arrow Fund came to his rescue, and rushed him into surgery, which included attaching his muzzle, removing broken teeth and amputating his back leg where it had atrophied. A reward has been offered to anybody with any information leading to the arrest of the monsters that did this…but don’t be surprised if they are never found.  Because if anybody does know anytning…they are likely to keep their mouth shut because they would rather still be involved in the abuse and dog fighting then do the right thing. Girlfriends would rather run with a thug, families are probably involved or apathetic and attribute it to “their culture.” Neighbors don’t want to get involved even for a reward because they might have to actually “do something” for it, like testify in a trial. So this group of losers will continue to mutilate animals for pure pleasure and profit and those around them will continue to keep their silence.

But there is something else that doesn’t surprise those of us that follow these cases…these dogs have an amazing resolve to survive…and not only do they survive but they have such a huge appreciation for their saviors. Even the most hardened of Michael Vick‘s (Vick the Dick)  dogs have bonded with their rescuers.  Time after time we hear of some horrific act…and time after time we also hear about their emergence as a faithful companion.

So get ready to cheer on Frodo…he’s improving and showing the spirit that truly does make them man’s best friend.




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