Somewhere over the rainbow tribute to BSL victims

Imagine a city officer coming into your home and deeming your dog unworthy to live because of the way they look? Or their DNA? Or because of their measurements? More and more communities in the United States and abroad are making “Breed Specific Legislation” against Pit Bulls and other dogs deemed dangerous.  Not because of that particular dogs own history…but because of the kind of breed he is. Some people may feel certain types of dogs are genetically unreliable and dangerous and do not deserve to live.  But they are dead wrong. Some of you may remember Lennox the Pit Bull Mix in Belfast Ireland that was seized from his owner’s home simply because of his measurements and held over a year in a dark, skanky cell unable to get visitors…because he was dangerous. The family finally lost that fight and Lennox was euthanized even after rescue groups volunteered to take him out of the Country to start a new life.  I’ll tell you who the dangerous ones are…we are…we beat, starve, mutilate, fight, and skin them alive at times just because we can.

Let us never stop fighting the fight against BSL because some day they may come after your dog…


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