Charges could be filed against couple for rescuing puppy

This is how a dog should sit in the heat. thanks to

This is how a dog should sit in the heat. thanks to

Yes…it’s true. A couple from Victoria BC who recently rescued a puppy from inside a hot car could faces charges. A woman called police and informed them somebody had broken in and stolen the puppy from her locked car. Of course she failed to mention at the time that she had left the puppy in the car while she dined at a nearby restaurant…never taking into account the extreme heat.

Meanwhile…several days later, a “well meaning” restaurant worker overheard a couple at a nearby mall discussing what to name their “rescued” puppy, they proceeded to name him after the restaurant. The local police were able to trace the couple and apprehended these offensive do-gooders. The perps were brought into police headquarters for further interrogation, because people can’t be going around rescuing puppies from hot cars. After further investigation it was also discovered that the person leaving the puppy in the car was only “puppy sitting” for a few days. After contacting the official owner, they asked that the puppy be kept in a safe place until their return. It’s probably a pretty safe bet that the puppy sitter will not be getting a Christmas card this year.

Both the puppy sitter and the “rescuers” could face charges. Kudos to the puppy rescuers…I would have done the same thing…over and over and over again.

Another good way for dogs to fight the heat wave:


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