Regardless what the POS (Piece of Shit)  Michael Vick might think, Pit Bulls are loving caring devoted animals. We have owned our Pit Bull Sarge for ten years, and he is one of the kindest gentlest animals we have ever owned. I will be the first to admit we were scared shi….. when my son first brought him into our home. I thought for sure our little yappy Shih tzu Bubba was going to get the living crap beaten out of him…or worse.  Much to our surprise, Bubba became the Alpha Male in the home.  Ok, maybe it was really our cat Emett that was the Alpha, but Bubba came in a close second. My point being Sarge was a distant third… and my husband was dead last. (He ranked after “Baby Girl” who is afraid of her own shadow, “Porky” who gives nothing but love, and “Katie” who is known as the cave dweller because she seldom ventures out from under our bed.)

Sarge has never met anybody he didn’t like, including the numerous stray cats that occasionally find their way into our home for a few days, or the grumpy old guy that used to live next to our lake cottage. We called him “Trapper Bill” because he thought is was ok to trap wild animals in live traps and snares, leaving them for days. 

Pit Bull facts:

Pit Bull is NOT a breed. It’s a term used to characterize different breeds with the same characteristics. For example  American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are all classified as Pit Bulls.

Pit Bulls have appeared in advertising campaigns such as Buster Brown and Pup Brand. A classic children’s television show, The Little Rascals, featured Petey the Pit Bull. The pit bull is the only breed to have graced the cover of Life magazine three times.

In the 20th century Pit Bulls were so respected for their loyalty, dedication and bravery that they were chosen to represent America in WWII posters. No…uh huh…it wasn’t the lab, the retriever, or any of the yappy dogs the rich and famous like to carry in their purses, it was the good old dependable Pit Bull.

They are truly affectionate and love human interaction. *Please be aware…they also believe they are lap dogs.* This explains why we often see video footage of scraggly, beaten and starved Pit Bulls wagging their tails while licking the hands of the law enforcement officers arriving to rescue them.

The American Temperament Society test the Pit Bull breed every year, giving them a passing score for the entire breed.  As of 2008, Pit Bull breeds achieved a combined passing score of 85.5 percent. To put these figures into context, the combined passing rate of all breeds was 81.6 percent. The Collie, an icon of obedience, passed at a rate of 79.4 percent, and the beloved Golden Retriever scored at 84.2 percent. So in other words….Pit Bulls freakin rock.

So the bottom line is this folks….Pit Bulls make wonderful caring pets when placed with the proper owners. Not everybody should have one.  They are very high energy, needing a lot of interaction, discipline and exercise. When not given the proper attention, they will become anxious and nervous. When humans become anxious, we just pop a couple Valium, throw back a few shots of tequilla, dance on a few table tops, and call it a night.  When it happens to dogs, it can make for a very unfortunate accident.

If you can find it in your heart to adopt one of the most mis-understood dogs known to man, then please contact one of the many Rescue Organizations listed below.

Much of this information was retrieved from the Pit Bull Rescue Central website known as: