Life is like a cup of coffee

I’m feeling inspirational…looking for the true meaning of life…looking for something to fill the void Sarge has left…I can’t help but wonder why I didn’t value him more when he was here…and appreciate his loyalty and love…why it took him leaving us…to truly understand what he gave us.

Life IS like a cup of coffee…it’s not the material things…or the pretty things…or expensive things that will give meaning…it is the simple things…


A lasting tribute

So, this is how it happens…that totally spontaneous moment when it suddenly sounds like a great idea to get a tattoo.  When the “Hangover Guy” woke up in the morning with a Mike Tyson tattoo across his face I thought…what an idiot…who does that?  Well evidently I do.  I have lived half a century and never even had an “inkling” to get one. Not that I had anything against them….nothing had inspired me…until now.

I was sitting downtown enjoying a slice of pizza and a beer when it suddenly came over me…I’m going to get a tattoo. It wasn’t like I was three sheets to the wind…I swear…One beer and one slice of pizza.  Ok…two beers and one slice of pizza. I sent a text to my son telling him of my plan, asking him if it was wrong for a 50-year-old woman to get a tattoo of her dog. He replied it was up to me, but I was not allowed to get one on my chest or lower back because that’s white trash.  Ok…sounded like sound advice.

So off I went to a nearby tattoo parlor , walking into a room full of twenty somethings getting some serious tats….and they just stared at me.  The owner looked a little nervous…probably wondering if I was looking for my underage daughter or something.

He said “Hey what ya need man?”

And I said “I would like to inquire about a tattoo…I’ve never had one before and I have a few questions.”

I’m pretty sure I detected a slight sigh of relief from the guy as he called another guy up to the counter for me.  The new guy looked doubtful…I tried to “hip” it up a little bit.

I said “Hey man, I was thinking of getting a tat…never had one but I think they’re really cool.” He still looked doubtful…probably thinking the owner hated him and sent all the old people to him.

So then he said “Why do you wanna tat? Once you get em they last forever?”

It was fairly obvious he wasn’t too excited about working with somebody old enough to be his…older sister (OK his mom) until I said with my voice cracking  “Because my dog died this week and I want something to remember him.”

Suddenly he was all in…”Oh…hey I’m really sorry, we can do something really cool. What was his name?” It was then that we bonded…we talked things through and he showed me the different kind of scripts we could use, finally deciding to put it on my ankle.

As I sat there waiting to get my tat I continued texting my son stating I was glad he didn’t care he had a bat shit crazy mom. He simply replied back “Sarge would love it.”

Here’s what I know…I love it…I love it because not only is he always in my heart…but now he will always be on my ankle. Something I can look at and at times rub my fingers across his lettering…bringing me a little closer to “the best damn dog ever.”

In Memory

In Memory

Why Facebook sucks ass


I was like everybody else…using Facebook on a regular basis…checking my newsfeed several times a day just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  Reuniting with old friends, and some relatives I hadn’t seen since they left me stranded down the pitch black lane at the farm.  Oh sure, we rehashed it on Facebook, they still deny it…but I still have the emotional scars.  It was an entirely new social setting and I loved it.  And sometimes you could say “exactly” what you wanted because you were hidden behind your keyboard and it somehow made it socially acceptable to tell your girlfriend their boyfriend was a douche. I could find out what people ate for dinner…where they went on vacation…how pretty their newly painted living rooms were and more. I found out why a good friend was posting daily statuses on “how to spot a narcissistic man,” evidently she dated one.  I saw funny videos and lots of cat posters with funny sayings. I started a season long battle with a football nemesis that hated Notre Dame (I happen to love Notre Dame). We spent game day trash talking and clogging up everybody’s newsfeed.

But as Facebook continued to grow…I noticed something else…the low life scum of the world had a new outlet for displaying pictures of animal torture and mutilations. They popped up on my newsfeed because other animal rescue organizations wanted to expose these low life idiots, which would hopefully get the law enforcement involved, or at the very least get them banned from Facebook.  But guess what…every time they were reported…nothing happened. I personally turned in several graphic photos of dog torture (the latest was of a Hispanic hanging dogs by their ears on a clothesline and throwing cats in with vicious dogs) and Facebook’s response was “we did not remove this photo because it does not fit our criteria for graphic violence.” But here’s the truly ironic part…they have no problem deleting photos from animal rescue sites because they are getting too much activity and have too many shares. Several times after a natural disaster photos of lost dogs were shared in the hopes of reuniting them with their owners. That is forbidden according to Facebook. Don’t clog up the newsfeed with lost dogs and cats..

So I finally decided I had enough…I deactivated my Facebook page and its liberating…I no longer feel the need to grab my phone and check my status just in case…I might miss something important…like a cool vegan recipe. But more importantly I feel I did the right thing by no longer supporting a social network that has no issues with animal mutilations and torture and somehow find it acceptable newsfeed material.

So…screw you Facebook…I’m joining Pinterest.

Charges could be filed against couple for rescuing puppy

This is how a dog should sit in the heat. thanks to

This is how a dog should sit in the heat. thanks to

Yes…it’s true. A couple from Victoria BC who recently rescued a puppy from inside a hot car could faces charges. A woman called police and informed them somebody had broken in and stolen the puppy from her locked car. Of course she failed to mention at the time that she had left the puppy in the car while she dined at a nearby restaurant…never taking into account the extreme heat.

Meanwhile…several days later, a “well meaning” restaurant worker overheard a couple at a nearby mall discussing what to name their “rescued” puppy, they proceeded to name him after the restaurant. The local police were able to trace the couple and apprehended these offensive do-gooders. The perps were brought into police headquarters for further interrogation, because people can’t be going around rescuing puppies from hot cars. After further investigation it was also discovered that the person leaving the puppy in the car was only “puppy sitting” for a few days. After contacting the official owner, they asked that the puppy be kept in a safe place until their return. It’s probably a pretty safe bet that the puppy sitter will not be getting a Christmas card this year.

Both the puppy sitter and the “rescuers” could face charges. Kudos to the puppy rescuers…I would have done the same thing…over and over and over again.

Another good way for dogs to fight the heat wave:

Cat welcomes home Military Mom video

And yet we still love them.

Somewhere over the rainbow tribute to BSL victims

Imagine a city officer coming into your home and deeming your dog unworthy to live because of the way they look? Or their DNA? Or because of their measurements? More and more communities in the United States and abroad are making “Breed Specific Legislation” against Pit Bulls and other dogs deemed dangerous.  Not because of that particular dogs own history…but because of the kind of breed he is. Some people may feel certain types of dogs are genetically unreliable and dangerous and do not deserve to live.  But they are dead wrong. Some of you may remember Lennox the Pit Bull Mix in Belfast Ireland that was seized from his owner’s home simply because of his measurements and held over a year in a dark, skanky cell unable to get visitors…because he was dangerous. The family finally lost that fight and Lennox was euthanized even after rescue groups volunteered to take him out of the Country to start a new life.  I’ll tell you who the dangerous ones are…we are…we beat, starve, mutilate, fight, and skin them alive at times just because we can.

Let us never stop fighting the fight against BSL because some day they may come after your dog…

And God made a dog video

Feeling melancholy, but this video totally made my day. I’m glad God made videos too…