The top ten ways to increase your notoriety and bottom line from killing dogs

10.  Be a narcissistic lazy quarterback in the NFL,  skip practices, and most importantly give less than 90% on the football field.  Make sure you flip the fans off on the field when they call you out on it.   Feel free to engage in this type of behavior because when you come back as just a “mediocre” human being…you will be looked upon as the “Second Coming” because you can play football.  Remember…the worse your behavior now the better you will look down the road…

9.    Continue to hang around your loser childhood friends and engage in the mutilation and killing of innocent dogs for pure pleasure.

8.    Plead ignorance when your “compound” is busted and admit your guilt ONLY when your cohorts turn on you.

7.   Use your time wisely in prison and continue your work out regimen…the same regimen you should have been doing while being one of the highest paid quarterbacks in NFL history…but didn’t do because you are narcissistic and lazy

6.  After the completion of your prison term, engage the help of the NFL Commissioner “I’m a freakin moron Goodell” and convince him you are a changed man.  Let him know the NFL should re-hire a convicted felon although 70% of normal employers run criminal background checks and refuse to hire based on being a convicted felon.

5.  Get a new PR man to run your “I’m a changed Man” campaign.  Don’t forget to talk to the little “kiddies” and tell them that mutilating and killing dogs for pleasure is a “bad bad thing.”  No need to sound convincing…it’s only necessary to go thru the motions. 

4.  Thankfully the “workout regimen” you engaged in while spending some quality time with your prison buddies will give you a new edge when a desperate franchise “pretends” they are giving you a second chance… when in reality they are looking at their bottom line and see the “financial benefit.”

3.  Arrange for interviews that do not hold you accountable for your past actions…but only want to talk about what a great football player you are.  Pretend you are willing to go on Oprah” but make sure to back out due to scheduling issues, when in reality you are just trying to gain more “notoriety” for “pretending” you are willing to talk to the big “O”. Gain more notoriety when stating publicly that you think you “deserve” another dog because your daughter is sad.  Make sure and mention that you “loved” your dogs in one of the interviews…but…here’s the important part…make sure you hold this interview with a “complete moron” so they don’t ask you “what the hell are you talking about…how can you say you loved them when you mutiliated your dogs for not showing game???”  (Always…Always…only agree to interviews with complete morons)

2.  Here’s the good part…after you follow the above steps….you will start to “reap” the benefits of being a convicted dog killer.  You are now bigger and more loved than you have ever been.  You are  a redeemed football hero and the sponsors and fans will start flocking to you like flies on shit. 

1.  And the number one reason to be a dog killer is that NIKE will sign you….




Ok…I really really  try to forget about Michael Vick.  I try to focus on other things…anything is better than him.  But he’s at it again. Or should I say “others” are at it because they are the ones giving him a voice and an opportunity to capitalize on his “new” stardom.  Before… he was looked upon as a multi-talented lazy choker football player that could never win the big games.  Now he is redeemed AND talented… and therefore we must give him every opportunity to capitalize on his dog-killer/football player stardom. 

Dog-killer Vick is scheduled to appear at Butler Sports Cards in Butler New Jersey on June 19th.

  Oh…and it gets better…he is charging $90 for each autograph.   Perhaps he will start his autograph session with a speech about Animal Rights, since “Animal Rights Awareness week” starts the very same day.  Perhaps he will talk about how dog killing almost ruined his career, but thankfully most NFL fans are shallow enough not to care about the dozens or maybe even hundreds of dogs he personally tortured and killed over the past decades…inbetween his choke-filled football career.  Thankfully they look upon him as some type of hero because his new Public Relations Manager came up with the brillant idea of speaking once a month to a bunch of kids… and pretending he really does care about the dogs he killed. 

Well played Mr. Dick…well played. 
Of course he could donate ALL of his proceeds to some worthy Animal Rights Organization.   Ummmm….yeah….and pigs fly.


Ok…at first when I read about Michael Vick blabbing about how he should grace the cover of the new Madden NFL 2012 game, I thought I was going to have another melt-down.  Of course Vick thinks he should grace the cover because he is re-deemed…and pigs fly.

So.…I was getting ready to rant and rave about Vick believing he is the next best thing to the first “resurrection.”  Yep…I was getting pretty fired up and was actually contemplating shooting a couple shots of tequilla to bring me down as he talked about how faithful the Eagles Fans are, and how easily he thought he would win the voting brackets…because he is Michael Vick and redeemed…and a really really good football player.

I mean…after hearing Vick talk about how he deserved another dog, and how President Obama personally called the Eagles Owner to congratulate him on what a great human being he is for taking in a dog killer, I thought this is it…I’m really gonna blow this time.

But wait…as I researched this Madden thing a little further…I discovered something…””The Madden Curse.”  What?…..I thought.  What is this Madden Curse thing?  And then I found out that the Madden Curse has affected every player since 1999 that has graced it’s cover…including the first time Vick was on it.  The first time Vick appeared on it’s cover was in 2004  (it must have been in-between his torturing and killing dogs for pleasure and profit). The next season Vick fractured his right fibula during preseason and missed the first 12 games of the regular season. The Falcons finished in the basement of the NFC South at 5-11 that year.

So…that got me to thinking…maybe this is just what “karma” needs…a curse….the Madden Curse.  Maybe if we all vote for Vick to grace the cover again he will break something else next season…like his neck…or worse.

I’m serious…I might actually start voting…I believe in curses…I also believe in the Twilight series and believe vampires are really really hot.

So…with any luck Vick will win again and think it’s a great thing… and also believe  his PR (I’m going to pretend I care about dogs by talking once or twice a month to kids) campaign is really working…and like the Twilight family curse…something really really bad will happen.

Now…get out and vote.


OK…I seriously must take some deep breaths before writing this blog….long…..deep….breaths.  Because you see, I never did believe Vick had really changed. I never saw it in his eyes.  I never heard it in his voice. I couldn’t tell by his demeanor. I have heard many ex-dogfighters on “radio programs” talking about what they did and how much they regretted it.  I could feel their remorse and shame although I never saw their faces. 

After seeing this video it reinforces my belief that Vick is doing nothing more than following a public relations campaign. I believe everything in this video. I believe his dismissal of this man’s request is the reason why he cancelled his appearance on Oprah.  Don’t even get me started on her.  However, I do believe he was reluctant to appear on her show because she was blasted with thousands of emails (and I launched a serious twitter attack)  from viewers wanting the voice of the dogs heard loud and clear. 

You see….we are not interested in voting him come-back player of the year, or giving him the keys to the city.  We are still wanting answers…answers he will never give because it will not be good for his image.

Watch this video and be as disgusted and angered as I am…then post it and repost it again. 


Contrary to popular belief, I do not enjoy writing about Michael Vick.  I don’t enjoy thinking about him or what he did for decades to dedicated animals.  I don’t enjoy watching his return to grandeur because he can throw a football.  I don’t enjoy his narcissism when he speaks of voting for himself as MVP.  Let’s just face it…I don’t enjoy ONE thing about Michael Vick.

My last rant was about Vick (the Dick) wanting a dog.  I won’t rehash that argument but let’s just say that ummmm….let’s see….ummmmm….I’m not for it.

Now I get to watch the President of the United States talk about how proud he was of the Eagles for giving Vick a second chance?  Really Prez..that’s what you choose to talk about when the Country is struggling with the worst economic downturn since the depression?  I might think differently if he just responded to a question posed by a journalist.  But he didn’t….he personally called the owner of the Eagles on the phone and congratulated him for accepting a life long dog killer back into the NFL

If it’s really about supporting ex-convicts in their endeavors to become real human beings again, why not call up the owner of Villalobos Rescue Center  from the popular show “Pit Bulls and Parolees?”  Tia Maria Torres rescues the Pit Bulls but also gives parolees a second chance by showing both what compassion can do for a soul.  She hires the parolees to help with day to day chores, but more importantly shows the parolees what it means to truly be committed to something bigger than themselves. The parolees are not earning millions because they can run really fast and throw a football. They are slowly regaining the respect of their community by committing to the well being of abandoned and beaten dogs when others have given up on them.  See the comparison?  The true story of redemption and commitment lives within the compound of Villalobos…not the gridiron of the NFL.  

I wonder how much easier it is to show redemption when being paid millions of dollars for doing what you have always wanted to do?  I wonder how much harder it is to show redempton when you don’t have millions of fans idolizing you for your football talents?  Would Vick be as gracious and committed to his new redemption if he had to find a regular 9 to 5 job? Would Vick ever be willing to dedicate a portion of his life in doing the day to day operations of a dog rescue compound without the adulation of his fans?  Not that I would ever want him anywhere around dogs, but it might pose an interesting question.

That is the phone call that should have been made.  Not to an ownership that coldly calculated how cheaply they could buy a talented athlete that just so happened to torture dogs and then lie about it to the previous owner of the Atlanta Falcons.  KUDOS to the Falcons for telling Vick to….well you know…I can’t really say it on my blog….but I want to.  Let’s just say it rhymes with “duck” and end ends in “off.”

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An open letter to (D)Vick:

Dear Dick:

How unfortunate your daughter wants a new puppy and can not have one because her daddy is a cold-blooded dog killer.   You have systematically tortured and killed dogs for decades.  Only when indicted and only when your cohorts turned on you did you finally admit to your involvement. 

How unfortunate for your daughter that while you speak of “loving” your dogs and animals, you somehow found justification in personally hanging, shooting, drowning and slamming them to the cement ground. If I’m your daughter I would think twice before disappointing the old man.  GOD help her if she doesn’t measure up to your expectations… right?  I mean if you can torture and kill an innocent dog for not being aggressive enough to claim your stake in the dog fighting world, what might you do to that little girl that doesn’t bring home straight A’s or doesn’t quite measure up to your standards? 

Why you would ever think you are deserving of a loyal companion is beyond me.  Does your narcissism have no end? Do you think just because you are trying to re-brand yourself that somehow you want us to believe you suddenly care about dogs?  Speaking twice a month to kids may sound like redemption to some, however, it sounds like re-branding to others.  Well played Mr. Dick. If you are truly redemptive and rehabilitated why not put your money where your mouth is, why not donate 10% of your money to a deserving organization that fights everyday for the rights of the very dogs you so callously discarded when they didn’t meet your gaming expectations?  

Here’s the bottom line Dick uhhh I mean Vick, you don’t DESERVE another dog ever. Owning another dog isn’t about rehabilitation, it’s about rehabilitating your image. Once again it’s all about you and what a dog can do for you. Before it was about how many fights it could win for Bad Newz Kennel, now it’s about making you look better for a possible future endorsement. This is why you still resonate to many as a despicable human being. Owning a dog is about mutual respect, loyalty and commitment. If you want to work on re-branding your image,  keep your mouth shut and just do your job. You have already received more chances than most will get in an entire lifetime.

 This is just a thought Dick….but perhaps you could have thought of your poor daughter BEFORE you mutilated dogs for pleasure and profit.

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Stallone is a Pit Bull rescued by the Humane Society right after a brutal dog fight. He brought tears to the eyes of his rescuers because of his docile manner and the way he craved human kindness…he is also the face of dog fighting.  He is the face that shows us what some owners will do for the thrill, or the kill. 

 He is the face that Michael Vick saw right before he hung them…electrocuted them…drowned them….or in one particular case… repeatedly slammed the beaten dog to the ground because he didn’t win. 

 Stallone is the face we must “see” in order to end dog-fighting once and for all.