Ok…Ok…I made this cartoon in honor of the upcoming playoff game today involving Michael Dick and the Green Bay Packers.   In case you haven’t noticed….I am not a fan.


8 Responses

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!

  2. This Is Really Good-I’m with you ALL the way….

  3. LOL OMG this is so true..V-Dick did not go to jail for animal abuse WAKE UP AMERICA!! Yeah they do not care about the dogs and suffering just as long V-Dick can play football.The president should not socialize with such scum.Why don’t the President of the USA call the Pit Bull Resuce who saved the reamining dogs.I never seen such ignorant people I think they were breed on welfare mentality

  4. To all outraged at the total vindication of Michael Vick, Please think long and hard before patronizing Vick’s corporate champions…NIKE, SUBWAY SANDWICHES and UNEQUAL TECHNOLOGIES. These dubious enterprises are unworthy of success supporting this evil bastard. Unfortunately, the NFL and the Philadelphia EAGLES are another story as obviously proficiency in sports TRUMPS ANY DELIBERATE ANIMAL ATROCITIES IN OUR GREAT NATION. Why,even our president “forgave” MV with his call to the Philadelphia Eagle’s owners thanking them profusely for “hiring a poor repentant ex-convict”. I wonder how many calls the president makes on behalf of poor parolees? Perhaps President Obama will make calls on behalf of Newark’s Kisha/Keisha Curtis after her prison sentence. I bet he won’t be calling to inquire about Patrick.

  5. yes, he is a dick. a little dick.

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