Sarge is my ten-year old 3-legged rescued Pit Bull.  We took him in when my son brought him home one day and told us his friend was going to have to surrender him to the animal shelter. I had no intention of taking in a one year old Pit Bull.  I knew nothing about him and I already had a male Shih tzu that thought he ruled the house.  I firmly told my sixteen year old son that there was absolutely no way we were taking that dog. 

So…..long story short, we took Sarge into our home.  Well….almost.  At the time I informed him we could keep the dog, but we would have to build a kennel with a dog house and hay to keep him outside during warmer months. We had a nice fenced in yard, and I just knew it would work out perfectly. I also informed my son the dog was HIS responsibility and he would be expected to feed and walk him daily…..and pigs fly.

Sarge spent the first two days sitting right outside our picture window staring inside the house.  It was the MOST pathetic image I have ever seen. Seriously, the dog never ventured away from the window, he just kept staring at us.  I mean not occasionally, like when he was bored, it was all the freakin time.

After two days and a chewed up window frame, Sarge came inside permanently. He has been a fixture in our house ever since. We wouldn’t have it any other way. He sleeps on our couch, slobbers on the cushions, and sits directly beneath you when you’re trying to eat dinner while watching TV. I mean he sits so close, his nose is right up your crotch.

We love you ya big galoot.


15 Responses

  1. Having known Sarge for pretty much all of his life, he definitely is the sweetest slobbering goof you’ll ever meet!

  2. Hi Y’all,
    What a great picture of Sarge.
    Hey Sarge! I’m with you…nothin’ like layin’ right under foot…that’s where the best tidbits happen. VBG, ROO!! ROO!!!
    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. What a handsome, big boy!

  4. I love it! It’s funny how they wiggle their way into our hearts (our homes, our food, etc.) isn’t it? Sarge actually reminds me of an older pitbull client of mine named Armand. He’s an absolute goof and oh so loveable!

    Stopping by on the Saturday Blog Hop. Glad I did!

  5. Hi! Found you through the hop, it’s great to meet you! That’s a wonderful story about Sarge, doesn’t sound like you really had any choice 😉 Will be following.

  6. Stopping by on the blog hop… I’m always in favor of having a pup to cuddle with on the couch. 🙂

  7. Thanks for stopping! He’s created a big crater between the cushions of the couch where he likes to lay…but who cares!

  8. Your story and mine are almost the same. When my adult daughter moved home, I wouldn’t let her bring her pit bull puppy Bella so she left her in a friend’s backyard. I started feeling guilty so I made up a long list of rules about feeding, exercising, cleaning poop from yard, vet checks and mostly she had to get along with our 7 cats. Bella came to live with us and she didn’t spend much time outside. That was 2 years ago and now I can’t imagine my life without her. We have since adopted a rescue dog as well. I think she’s Canaan but who knows—she came from a shelter. Both of them sleep with me along with my husband and usually a cat or 2. And I think SHE’S the best dog ever.

  9. I really enjoyed your story. Glad I stumbled in here !
    Your SARGE is a beauty. 😉

  10. The love you give this animal is everlasting to him and the memories that stay with you after he is gone is priceless. Good job my friend

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