Many of my friends have asked me in the past why I am a vegetarian…or why I can’t get over Vick. They also tell me what I do will not make any difference. One particular friend told me, “people who are vegetarians treat it as some kind of Medal of Honor.” Others have said my refusing to eat meat will make no difference to the meat industry. Another interesting comment made to me repeatedly is how animals don’t have souls and according to the bible, animals were put on this earth only for the pleasure and service to humans. To me the question is not “if” animals have souls, the question is “if” they suffer.

I do not believe Vick has truly looked within himself at the darkness that must blanket his soul…Outwardly; he has done the right thing and does manage to speak twice a month to high school groups. Yes…very nice and proper. However, I do not believe he has confronted that dark place within him that caused him to brutally and repeatedly kill animal after animal because they didn’t show “game.” I have said repeatedly his public apologies are about how he let the NFL, his family and his teammates down. They are not about how demons allowed him to believe that what he was doing was just a “cultural” thing, or how he could look into the eyes of the dog during his last moments of life and not be sickened by it. I don’t see the pain and shame in his eyes during any interview on the few occasions a reporter asks him about why he did what he did. I see emptiness. I see Political correctness, I see re-branding. I do not see redemption. Redemption starts with the soul and builds through the actions. With Vick, they stop and start with his Public relations campaign.

As for why I keep fightin the fight…

I have to admit I am truly astounded by the statements my “friends” make to me on a regular basis…does it mean since my single voice will not be heard as strongly as the masses, I should silence it?  

I used to kayak on large chain of lakes, and every Friday evening, I would kayak through one particular channel and that is where I met the “rogue swan.” Many hated this swan because he had a tendency to attack oncoming jet skiers. Now…I know exactly why he confronted them. He confronted them because they tormented him repeatedly. I witnessed these actions personally. I never experienced that kind of threat from him; in fact, his reaction to me was quite different. We both enjoyed the Friday evening ritual for several years. As soon as the swan saw my shiny red kayak he would run on top of the water with wings flapping until he came within a few feet of my kayak, and then he would skid the last few feet stopping just in time to advert any collision. Some might become frightened by a rogue swan careening recklessly to within a foot of my shiny new kayak…but not me. I knew he didn’t want to hurt me, I knew it was a ritual we both enjoyed. We floated together…watching the sunset with him cooing softly beside me. Occasionally I brought some old bread with me and we would both enjoy a snack and perhaps a beverage (ok the beverage was for me). It was always one of the highlights to my weekends.

 Unfortunately, the DNR didn’t see him the same way I did and decided it was necessary to approach this dangerous rogue swan in a “rowboat” and shoot him. 

Obviously, I am not one to remain silent…so I had a huge banner made and hung it over the bridge of the lake channel where the killing took place during the Fourth of July weekend. The banner read as follows “When it’s not convenient to do the right thing…just shoot em. DNR 2005.” I didn’t expect it to have much of a reaction; it was more of a tribute to my friend. However, after hundreds of people read the banner that weekend, a grass-roots effort developed. Because you see, the DNR intended to eradicate all swans from that particular chain of lakes at season’s end. As it turned out, because I posted that one banner, and because other people chose to talk about it, and because people decided to come together for a “cause” and make a difference, big things started happening. Articles regarding the swan’s plight started appearing in local newspapers. News stations picked up on the story, state senators decided to get involved and eventually the decision was made not to eradicate the swans. 

It’s the starfish story…we may not make a difference to the masses…but every once in a while, we make a difference to something… and that’s good enough for me. 

So…to answer the questions to my many friends…I will never give up the fight because I will never know when that “one” action will turn into something bigger, and when separate actions become cohesive beautiful things can happen.

That… is what I will always believe.



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  1. Wow,
    That was really nice. I had commented on a different issue after reading your responses to someone trying to intimidate you, and I was impressed. And, then I was curious, started to browse and read this. You are a good person. I am a vegetarian, and have been trying to move onto giving up dairy, but I am finding myself to be weak. It’s the chocolate. It is one of life’s little pleasures and I am weak. And, I actually smiled when I read the part about if they suffer. I understand that. But the rest of your article was great. And, I am in agreement with you about Vick, which by the way, in case you didn’t know, Kenn Sakurai has as a favorite athlete. And, there is no sincerity in him, no true awareness of what he did, if that makes sense. All I wanted to say is this was a great article and thank you for writing it. I enjoyed reading it immensely.

    • I love hearing from other vegetarians. I too struggle with dairy:) In response to the “do the animals suffer” comment. Make no mistake…I believe they have souls and will go to heaven. I look forward to the day I will meet my deceased friends again. The point I was making was for my “friends” who do not believe they have souls. Even if they don’t believe they do…shouldn’t they be aware of their suffering?

      As for Vick….I despise him with every fiber of my being. (In case you didn’t know!)
      Thanks for reading and enjoying!

  2. I knew there was a reason that I liked this site. It must have something to do with that phrase ” kindrid spirits”.. I am in agreement with you that animals have spirits. At the risk of sounding like a ” crazy ” person, I will tell you another story that only my favorite sister knows about. After my father died, I was so upset that my best friend , at the time, took me to the local pound ( remember when they were called that? ). She thought it would cheer me up to find and adopt an animal that was also sad because no one loved it. I ended up with a kitten. He and I were sympatico. Then, years later, due to a mistake a vet made, Slate died. I cried and cried and cried. It was because I hadn’t had a chance to say good-bye, that had been taken from me. I knew that he knew that I loved him, but it was the same with my father, I hadn’t had a chance to personally say anything. Well, one night, I had a dream. In my dream, my father was sitting on a bed with Slate next to him. He told me not to worry that he would watch out for Slate until I got there. That was the moment that , for me , I knew that every living being has a soul. Slate had been there with my Dad. My Dad was smiling and Slate was purring. I have never doubted this dream. You see, whenever I was really upset, crying upset, I used to go to my Dad for comfort. I guess my Dad wanted to let me know that he was still there for me. And, I am not making that up, I don’t have to , because it did happen to me. Some people would say that they had had an epiphany, I call it awareness. It is the moment that something happens and you start to see things differently.

    Anyway, I am an avid Michael Vick boycotter. It is as you said, there is nothing coming from his soul that is showing regret for what he has done.

    I am really quite happy to have made your acquaintance.

  3. Word for word, you express my thoughts. I don’t know how I found your blog today, but I am so happy I did. I will come back often. Keep up the fight. I stand beside you.

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